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Boran Sahiwal
Ankole Cattle Holstein Fresian
Black Angus Boran x Sahiwal
Boran x Ankole Boran x Friesian
Sahiwal x Ankole Sahiwal x Friesian
Charlois x Boran Friesian x Ankole

Banuti Ranchers Ltd
PO Box 27020
Kampala, Uganda

Phone: +256 772 402 430

Holstein Friesian

Banuti Ranchers history with Friesians goes back to the beginning, as his first Friesians were from his father, Mr. Tinkamanyire Yafesi. The benefits of the Friesians were evident to Mr. Nuwamanya Barnabas, so he pursued the breed, acquiring seed stock from Brookside, Kenya.

He wanted to improve the breed, so he then contacted experts from the United States of America and begun using imported embryos to avoid inbreeding of his existing stock. The embryos were flushed from heavy milker cows and using champion bulls, implanted into surrogate cows at Banuti Ranchers.

The most popular breed in the world for dairy is the Friesian. The Friesian breed's origin is Holland and it is said that even during Caesar's time the area was known for its cattle. It's most outstanding characteristic is its high volume of milk production.

For many years, Friesian were bred and strictly selected to obtain animals that would make best use of grasses, the areas most abundant resource. The intermingling of these animals evolved into efficient, high producing black and white dairy cows.

The characteristics that are desirable to the Friesian include:

  • Large, stylish animals with color patterns of black and white
  • High quality milk production
  • Excellent quality beef
  • Daughters have good fertility and mastitis resistance
  • Excellent temperament

Cross Breeds Include:

Boran x Friesian
Sahiwal x Friesian
Friesian x Ankole

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